Apartament dla czterech osób do wynajęcia na rynku w Łańcucie

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“On the square” apartment is a 2-level luxury flat (so-called open spaces) of ca.120 m2 floor space. It is conveniently located in the center of Łańcut in a historic tenement from the XVII century. Building was thoroughly renovated a few years ago.

Apartment is furnished in a classic style and it has some antiques but household products and audio devices give some modern touch. There is free wi-fi as well. Apartment is suitable for 4 people - the best configuration is 2 adults and 2 kids or 3 adults. There are 2 bathrooms, a living room with a fully-fitted kitchenette, small living room and a bedroom with a double bed and a single bed. Second single bed is placed in a small living room on the first level of the apartment.


Below prices are for the night and are from 01.07.2021

As an additional option of the service we can offer pick-up from the railway station or airport. We can also help with other matters related to the stay including arranging trips to Bieszczady Mountains or to Lviv (170 km).

Terms and Conditions Regulations of stay in the Apartment on the Market Square in Łańcut

City attractions

Łańcut is a city “with the atmosphere and history” and above all it has a magnificent park and Łańcut Castle Museum (former mansion of Lubomirski and Potocki families), Distillery Museum (2 km from Łańcut) and The Ulma Family Museum of Poles Saving Jews in World War II (10 km from Łańcut). Łańcut is located 17 km from Rzeszów - getting there takes a few minutes. There is 15 km to the airport Rzeszów-Jasionka.

Łańcut Castle Museum

Castle - palace in Łańcut

While visiting Łańcut you should definitely take some time to sightsee at Castle Museum. The castle is one of the best preserved aristocratic buildings in Poland, the oldest interiors come from the 40s of the 17th century. Over the centuries the castle went through many aristocratic families, which shaped it according to the current style. At the turn of the 19th and the 20th century numerous interesting interiors were arranged and the majority of them remained in its original form. Castle’s walls hold numerous works of art and furniture, musical instruments, silver cutlery, china and impressive book collection may be admired in many representative rooms. The palace and park complex is as impressive as the castle itself. It was initiated by Izabela Lubomirska in the 17th century. In the Coach House you may admire wonderful horse-drawn carriages of the Lubomirski family.

Source: http://www.polskaniezwykla.pl/web/place/11627,lancut-nowoczesni-magnaci.html

Distillery Museum

Distillery Museum in Łańcut

The Museum is located in a Neoclassical manor house from the 19th century - former headquarter of the chief administrator of Łańcut Estate. There are installations in the Museum’s rooms showing vodka production methods and on the mock-ups you can see the whole process at the bottling production line. Other installations show collections of old bottles (sometimes with very sophisticated shapes) and labels. Tasting glasses are impressive as well. Walking through the rooms of the Museum you can admire historic distillery machines. Those intriguing machines give an idea on the distillery process and historic documents show the highest precision of making alcohol. The Museum building is linked with the history of Łańcut and two aristocratic families that left their mark on the city - stained-glass windows proudly show the coat of arms of the Lubomirskis and the Potockis. The Distillery Museum is really worth seeing, especially because it is the only place like this in the whole Poland.

Source: http://www.lancut.pl/asp/pl_start.asp?typ=14&menu=58&strona=1&sub=101

The parish church of saint Stanisław the Bishop

The parish church in Łańcut

Its construction is dated back to 1349. At first it was a wooden church but throughout the centuries it was affected by subsequent wars and invasions and gained walls. Again, the Lubomirski family made a huge contribution to the reconstruction of the temple. The tradition of burying the owners of Łańcut in the church mausoleum began in the 18th century. The present shape of the temple was given after a thorough reconstruction at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries. The last renovation of the temple took place in the 1990s. There is a miraculous painting of Our Lady of the Scapular in the church and a black marble Baroque baptismal font from the second half of the 17th century.

Source: http://www.lancut.pl/asp/pl_start.asp?typ=14&menu=58&strona=1&sub=101


Synagogue in Łańcut

The synagogue in the center of Łańcut was built in 1761 in the place of an old wooden synagogue. The baroque building is currently one of the most beautiful examples of preserved synagogue architecture in Central Europe. Rather modest from the outside, the building hides rich decorations. In the main hall of the synagogue, the cross vault is supported by four Corinthian columns with polychromy and stuccoes depicting biblical scenes, and the niches are covered with prayers. In the middle of this room there is a bimah - the place from which the verses of the Torah are read. Currently, there is a Jewish Museum in the synagogue.

Source: http://kasai.eu/2017/synagoga-w-lancucie/

Local attractions


Open-air museum in Markowa

10 km from Łańcut, there is a small village of Markowa, with the Zagroda Open-Air Museum - a community museum of Upper Lusatian House buildings. Crossing the thresholds of the facility, as if by magic, we will move to the nineteenth century under thatched roofs to learn about the culture and customs of our ancestors. The open-air museum includes a peasant cottage, a barn with machines and tools for threshing and cleaning grain, as well as machines for soil cultivation. The next buildings are a poor cottage and a pigsty where poor peasants lived, a smithy, an oil mill, a carriage museum and a harrow used to store crops. In addition to the buildings, the museum shows disappearing professions. We can learn the secrets of such professions as blacksmith, miller, saddler or threshing machine operator.

Source: http://www.lancut.pl/asp/pl_start.asp?typ=14&menu=59&strona=1&sub=101


A park and palace complex in Przeworsk

Przeworsk’s local surroundings is one of the most interesting and attractive places in south-eastern Poland. Przeworski Park, planned in the style of French gardens, and the 17th-century park and palace complex in Sieniawa attract nature lovers and aesthetes. An attraction for tourists is also a ride on the historic narrow-gauge railway connecting Przeworsk with Dynów. The railway route goes through the longest tunnel in Europe, 602 m long, placed under a 30-meter layer of earth.

Source: https://www.polskieszlaki.pl/przeworsk.html


The market square in Jarosław

Jarosław is a beautiful city in the Subcarpathian Voivodeship, located north of Przemyśl and east of Rzeszów, on the San River. From the Middle Ages, Jarosław was at the junction of three cultures and religions: Roman Catholic, Greek Catholic and Judaism. As a result, interesting religious monuments and more are preserved to this day.

Source: https://www.polskieszlaki.pl/jaroslaw.html


Basilica in Leżajsk

Leżajsk is a historic, multicultural town in the Subcarpathia region, located north of Rzeszów and Jarosław, in the San valley. The most interesting monuments are the Monastery of Bernardine monks, the Museum of the Leżajsk Region and the Historic Buildings Complex in Midtown.

Source: https://www.polskieszlaki.pl/lezajsk.html


A well on the market square in Rzeszów

Rzeszów is a beautifully renovated capital of the Subcarpathia region and at the same time the largest industrial, academic and cultural center in south-eastern Poland. This interesting city is situated at the foot of the Carpathians, on the Wisłok River, in the beautiful, foresty landscape of the Sandomierz Hollow and the hilly Carpathian Foothills.

Source: https://www.polskieszlaki.pl/rzeszow.html

Heritage Park in Kolbuszowa

Open-air museum in Kolbuszowa

It is a real feast for lovers of old peasant culture. 30 hectares of land and over 80 buildings representing the rural culture of Lasowiaks and Rzeszowiacy from the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries! The open-air museum in Kolbuszowa magically transports us to a world that today is only a memory ... There are small and large wooden architecture buildings on the site, we can find cottages, stables, cowsheds, pigsties and henhouses, barns and granaries, a water mill, windmills, forges, a school, an inn, a fire station and a church. Most of the buildings are equipped with tools appropriate for a given place and time. The oldest objects of the open-air museum come from the mid-18th century. The plan of the open-air museum reflects the natural spatial arrangement of rural buildings, cut by orchards, fields, pastures and apiaries. Live history lessons are conducted in the open-air museum, incl. shows of farm and field works and traditional crafts.

Source: https://greenvelo.pl/detal/1731-greenvelo-park-etnograficzny-muzeum-kultury-ludowej-w-kolbuszowej


Museum of The Ulma family in Markowa

The Ulma Family Museum of Poles Saving Jews In World War II presents the story of the rescue of the Jewish community by the inhabitants of Subcarpathia during the German occupation, supplementing it with pictures of Polish-Jewish relations on the eve of World War II and shortly afterwards.

Source: https://podkarpackie.travel/pl/atrakcje/muzeum-im-rodziny-ulmow-w-markowej


Monuments of Przemyśl

Przemyśl is a beautiful historic city in the Subcarpathian Voivodeship, picturesquely situated on the San River, on both its banks, southeast of Rzeszów, near the border with Ukraine..

Source: https://www.polskieszlaki.pl/przemysl.html

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Eine wunderschöne Ferienwohnung direkt m Zentrum von Lancut, sehr persönlich und geschmackvoll eingerichtet. Supermärkte und Restaurants fussläufig zu erreichen. Nr einige Schritte vom berühmten Schloss entfernt. An- und Abreise unkompliziert, ein sehr netter Kontakt zu den Vermietern. Wir würden es weiterempfehlen!

Ocena : 9



Rewelacyjny pobyt dla miłośników muzyki. Nie tylko w czasie słynnego Muzycznego Festiwalu w Łańcucie - z pobliskiego zamku wciąż pobrzmiewa muzyka. Mieszkanie z obrazami i antykami zadowoli najbardziej wymagających.

Ocena : 10



Gościliśmy w apartamencie przy Rynku dwa razy, po dwa tygodnie na początku lipca 2018 i 2019. Przed przyjazdem otrzymaliśmy zdjęcia, przepiękny i funkcjonalny apartament bardzo wysokiej klasy, zgodnie ze zdjęciami. Gospodarze bardzo mili. Cena uzgodniona przed przyjazdem zgadzała się z tą przy wyjeździe. Doskonała lokalizacja, w pobliżu wszytkie atrakcje Łańcuta; mieszkanie w pełni wyposażone, w tym - klimatyzacja, która dawała ulgę podczas upałów. Jedynym mankamentem, na który gospodarze nie mają wpływu to klienci pobliskiej Żabki, którzy raz w nocy urządzili sobie bardzo głośną zabawę pod oknem.

Ocena : 10



Byliśmy z żoną w maju 2019 i jesteśmy zauroczeni tym apartamentem i lokalizacją. Przemili gospodarze polecą miejsca które warto odwiedzić w okolicy a i w samym Łańcucie. Apartament doskonale wyposażony we wszystkie potrzebne sprzęty. Z parkowaniem na rynku też nie ma kłopotu. Z całego serca polecamy. Pozdrowienia dla gospodarzy.
Krystyna i Henryk z Katowic

Ocena : 10

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